I Stand …


There has been a lot of nasty shit going on here in STL regarding police brutality (alleged), race inequality, etc. and it makes me wanna run screaming, with my kitties and all my shit, to Montana or Wyoming or Idaho.  You know, where there aren’t that many people.  I detest living in the city, however, my commute to my job is only 3 miles one way.  How can I argue with that?  I love my job and the people I work with, but I don’t want to be a statistic. Again.  I’ve already been carjacked at gunpoint in broad daylight in downtown STL not a couple miles from the highrise office building where I worked.

We have protests almost every day, and definitely before any type of local event.  OK, protest, that’s your right, but it’s not the alleged white-officer-black-criminal shit that really needs to be protested.  How about the constant black-on-black crime that makes St. Louis one of the absolute WORST cities in the United States to live in?  People are leaving STL in droves, with only a small percentage of people actually moving into STL.  Who’d wanna live here if ya could pick anywhere else?  What a shithole.  Rampant unemployment, due to companies leaving.  Do you REALLY think Amazon will pick STL for its #2 headquarters in the shithole environment that exists right now?  And on top of the protests, the two black criminals that HAD been killed by white officers?  Well, their Mammas got 1 million dollars and $900,000, respectively, in wrongful death suits against the STL police force.  Their Mammas were paid money.  They raised a piece-of-shit career criminal and a heroin dealer, respectively, who were killed by police officers when they went after the officers.  When they didn’t do what the POLICE told them.  When they fought back.   And on top of all that, the dead assholes are lauded.  Michael Brown may as well have his own fucking statue here.  It’s revolting.  STL has major issues, folks.

Anyway, aside from the local bullshit, we now get inundated on the news and on Facebook about the NFL crap regarding kneeling during the National Anthem.  It’s just stupid to see grown-ass men kneeling in “protest” when the majority of people will stand, either salute or hand over heart, to honor the flag and the men/women who fought and died for our freedoms.  Yes, kneeling could be construed as one of our “freedoms,” as protest to anything in many other countries could cost you your life.

It’s gonna cost the NFL and the companies that support the NFL millions of viewers and many more millions of dollars.  Good.  Spoiled-asshole-fuckers.

In line with the Anthem bullshit —  it occurred to me, while I was waiting to start the St. Charles Oktoberfest 5K last weekend, that, prior to the start of the race, the National Anthem was NOT PLAYED.  This has never happened before any other race I’d participated in.  The Anthem is ALWAYS played, even at the smallest races.  So WHY?  Why, this time, was it not played before the race?  Is it trickle-down from the NFL shit?  Cuz if it is, I will not run that particular 5K again.  I’d venture to guess that most of my followers are my age (55) or thereabouts.  We said the Pledge EVERY DAY before school.  Standing next to your desk.  Hand over your heart.  I even went to one school where my teacher was a minister’s wife and had us PRAY before class.  Let’s bring that shit BACK to schools.  Maybe not the prayer, due to religious differences (eyeroll), but maybe a minute of silence?  I mean, is it any wonder that kids have to go thru metal detectors when they enter a school and wear ID badges?

The world is just full of a lack of respect.  Respect for country, respect for traditions, respect for the police/fire/first responders.  Respect for EACH OTHER.  Respect for yourownself.  WTF.

…. coming down off my soapbox now ….

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