Do what scares you


Last Friday I went out with my ex-boss Rich.  He and I have been friends (real friends, not just co-workers) for the 11 years I’ve worked at the law firm.  He’s married and I know his wife and daughters very well.  Rich’s wife Barb doesn’t like the same movies as he does, and neither do his daughters, so he asks me.  Now, I know, that sounds bizarre, but it gives us a chance to get together and catch up, as we no longer work together.  VERY long preamble to my actual point — we went and saw IT.

I fucking hate clowns.

Clowns remind me of John Wayne Gacy and, if you lived in the Chicago area when he was killing young men and boys and burying them in the crawlspace of his house, you most likely remember that he also dressed as a clown to entertain kids.

A real-life homicidal maniac clown.  That shit really happens.

ANYWAY …. a few people asked me WHY I had gone to see the movie if I hated clowns so much.

Well, why not go?

So what if I get scared …. isn’t that the point of a horror movie?

Seeing a movie that I KNOW will scare the bejeezus outta me falls right in line with some other scary-ass shit I do.  Like drive up to Pike’s Peak being scared outta my ever-lovin’ mind.  Like getting close to the edge of a cliff.  Like doing so many other truly terrifying things in life.

Getting a new job.  Falling in love.  Getting your first apartment.  Having a baby.

If you don’t risk, you don’t live.  That’s the way I live my life.  I want to push myself to do things that scare me because on the back side of that, I’ll grow as a person.  I can be proud of my accomplishments and of the person I’ve become (and still becoming).

IT was seriously scary and disturbing.  Can’t wait for the follow-up.

4 Replies to “Do what scares you”

  1. I love how you tied seeing IT together with taking other risks in life! It’s so true that you have to go out on the edge and possibly risk falling because if you never do, you’ll never know. Although, I have to say I don’t think I’d be able to make it through that movie with my eyes open hahaha I am not a huge fan of scary movies, especially ones that can be connected to real life occurrences. 🙈

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