The end is near …

No, not THE end, but the end of paying my student loans.  FOUR MORE PAYMENTS.  I’ve been, basically, making a car payment’s worth towards my student loans since I graduated in 2007.  Ten years.  I don’t know how the attorneys I work for can do it to the tune of over $150,000 worth.  I only had $30,000.  Of course, I don’t make what they do, either, but I can imagine that the burden is about the same for them.

In the vein of “clearing,” as I talked about yesterday, the final payment in December will give me just that little bit of financial freedom to pay down OTHER debt.  To get a handle on that specter of double-digit interest rates on my credit cards.  To let go some of that “stuckness.”  To once again take control of my finances.  To breathe easier.

This photo of me a few weeks ago — 95 degrees, 5K — is representative of how I will feel when the student loan burden is gone.  Relief.


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