I made my bed today …

Now, for some, that’s probably something that you do every morning without fail.  I used to do it when I was a kid, mostly because Mom told us to.  As an adult, I just never did it on a regular basis.

But yesterday, in thumbing through Instagram, I came upon an ad for a 365 day course on “clearing.”  A Year to Clear What is Holding You Back! by Stephanie Bennett Vogt.  I read the ad and it seemed to click with me.  This is not an Organizing For Dummies course, per se, but it takes you through a daily lesson on lightening up, letting go, becoming free of the clutter in your life.  The “stuff” that makes you fear change, the “stuff” that holds you back from being the person you are supposed to be, the “stuff” that hinders your growth as a person, and the “stuff” that turns you into a hoarder.

The one sentence that really sold me on doing the course is this:

“If you don’t feel safe, you won’t let go.”

Those 9 words shook me to my core.  Because I remember the day my Mother, my sister, my brother, and I, along with our dog Alex, pulled out our suitcases that were hidden under our beds, grabbed our most prized possessions, packed up the car, and drove away from my alcoholic father.  I had to leave a lot of my things behind. I don’t want to EVER leave anything of mine behind again.  So I keep stuff.  STUFF. Lots of stuff.

I didn’t feel safe that day.  I don’t feel safe a lot of days, come to think of it.

Other things have happened to me that I have let bog me down and get in my way.  I have to find a way to let them go.  I have to move past my past in order to find my future. (Wow, that just sounded profound ….)  I’ve made great strides this year already — I’ve culled books that I’ve already read from my tons of boxes of books, I’ve given away more clothes than I can remember to my niece, and I’ve tried to do a bit of cleaning here and there to try and control the clutter.  I’m going through my kitchen this week to gather up necessities for my youngest daughter, as she and her boyfriend are moving into their first apartment together in 2 weeks.  She gets my toaster, as I don’t eat bread or waffles, and some glassware.

The best part of this course?  My sister is doing it with me.  We signed up the same day.  We both have issues with unsticking ourselves.  We started the course yesterday and, in a fairly monumental way, for me, I changed up my routine this morning.  Just a bit.

I made my bed today.

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