Since when has RUDE become the norm?  I mean really?  Were you brought up in a cave by a Yeti?  Did you miss the line in heaven where manners were handed out?  WTF?

Maybe I’m just too sensitive, but if I’m your friend, and you’re out of work, and you have an interview with a BIG COMPANY, and I call to find out how it went, and I get the bum’s rush (a 1.3 minute conversation) with the last sentence of the conversation being, “well, I’m gonna go back to watching music videos ….”, that said from a 60 yr old man, I’m gonna be pissy.  Really?  If you didn’t want to talk, let the phone go to voicemail.  I woulda figured you fell asleep in the recliner.  I was being a good friend, I thought, by checking in on an interview that could’ve changed everything for him and his family.  I’m definitely gonna think twice about checking in again for a while.  I just might let MY phone go to voicemail.

I would never dream of being intentionally rude to anyone, especially someone I supposedly cared about.  My siblings and I grew up poor, a couple of years spent in the projects, but Momma gave us manners.  We were not gonna go out into the world and be assholes.  Mostly because it would reflect on her!  We were brought up to be good people.  Kind.  Thoughtful. Generous. Giving. Not assholes.  Not rude.

If rude is the way the human race is going — as “the norm” — then I’d rather head out to that Yeti cave.  I was brought up better than that.

2 Replies to “RUDE!”

  1. Yeah, it was rude, but maybe they looked at his 60 year old carcass and told him to hit the road. Sometimes guys are too embarrassed to talk about things. Or he might just be acting like a jerk.


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