“I can’t drive … 55!!”

Yesterday, August 1, I turned 55.

Fifty – flippin-five.

Senior discounts now apply.

The alternative, a Dirt Nap, is not preferable, obviously, but WOW. Oldness sure creeps up on a gal.

My sister called and sang “happy birthday” at 7am … my mom called at 7:30 and did the same. Gotta love family.

Birthdays for “mature” folks are boring. You go to work; you might get a group-signed card …. The attorneys I work for are always good to me, gift-wise, so I have nothing to bitch about there.

But it’s just BLAH. Not like when you were a kid.

My huge excitement of the day was a coupon for Chevy’s Mexican Restaurant for a free entre (up to $12.99). I got shrimp fajitas and 2 skinny margaritas.  By myself.  Then I went home.  I wanted a martini to top off the night but, low & behold, I was out of olive juice.  Crap.  I was already in my nightie, so forget about putting clothes back on at 9:30 pm to make a grocery store run.  The bra was off.  Not puttin’ it back on until the morning.

I started a new book, sipped on a little plain vodka, and was asleep by midnight.

I DID hear from both of my girls, which totally made my day. My youngest, Stephanie, even sang.

I am so fortunate to be 55. Some people never make it this far, and some people do but are riddled with health issues.  I am blessed to have family and friends who love me, a job I enjoy, my kitties to love on, and a condo to live in.

I’ll take a “boring” birthday every time.


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