No vodka – part 2

I mostly get really great feedback/comments on my posts, however, I think I must address the one judgmental comment I received today regarding my vodka post.

I am the daughter of an alcoholic.  My entire family tree consists of alcohol abusers/alcoholics.  That’s the God’s honest truth.  I come by my addiction honestly.  My father tried to dry out, while in the U.S. Navy, at Bethesda Naval Hospital, two or three times.  It didn’t work.

I have substance abuse issues that I work through and battle EVERY DAY.

I believed my post was a “win” for me, since I didn’t go back to the grocery store in a day or 2 to grab another bottle of vodka and olive brine for my 4+ martini a day habit.

The “it’s your choice to drink responsibly” comment I received really threw me for a loop.  Obviously you’ve never had to battle addiction.  You’ve never lived with a father/mother/brother/sister etc. with an addiction.  You’ve never, as a child, had to choose your most prized possessions and packed and hid them under your bed until the right moment came to grab them and run for your life.  I lived through that, as did my mother, sister, and brother.  My mother ended up getting biffed into the dog dish more times than I ever knew.  How dare you think that choosing to drink responsibly is easy?  Or doable?

Imagine a grappling hook impaled through your chest, pulling you to the one thing that you KNOW will/will not help, but you want anyway.  You think of nothing else.  Your taste buds know it, you can taste it, you can smell it, you know the feeling you get ………… and that’s what you want.  Nothing else matters.

My family was ripped apart by alcohol addiction, but I have a hard time stopping what I know is a slippery slope.  Any miniscule triumph should be cheered, not jeered as a failure.  I AM NOT A FAILURE.

If you cannot be supportive of someone trying to do their best, then don’t fucking follow me.  I’m not that GODDAMMED PERFECT.


14 Replies to “No vodka – part 2”

  1. The comment displays a complete lack of understanding. Koren Zailckas explains that the phrase “Drink Responsibly” actually comes from the alcohol industry, and has been condemned by much of the world as a craven transfer of blame from supplier to victim. Does anyone ever say smoke responsibly? Of course the alcohol industry spends a lot of money to make people repeat the phrase — printing it on their ads, and continuing to market this poison to our children without bearing the costs to individuals or society, much as the nicotine companies did before the government stepped in. You won’t find more educated people (therapists, scientists, doctors, world leaders) or more empathetic people making statements like this.

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  2. I’ve found that one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with in my quest for sobriety is judgemental people who have no clue about the pain in your life causes by your own addiction. The same people that wanted me to stop drinking are the ones who want me to drink now! Addiction will only truly be understood by adicts. Keep the faith and always remember that there are a lot of us out there who really care about you. X

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  3. I apologize for my comment. I did not mean to be judgmental. Actually the opposite – perhaps I chose the wrong words but I just wanted to say it was okay to drink in moderation. I wasn’t thinking ‘alcoholic’ at all. I realize now how I came across. Huge apologies

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    1. apology accepted. I wish I could be more moderate, but I understand that I am an addictive personality in many things, not just alcohol. I try to be moderate, however, sometimes I just go over the edge. Thank you for responding.

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