No vodka in the house

I’ve mentioned my ongoing battle with alcohol more than once.  I’ve also mentioned how many times I’d poured booze down the drain, only to re-buy a bottle a couple of days later.

There is still no vodka in the house.

I didn’t cave in and buy it to get another $3 through my Ibotta app.

I am not going totally sober, as I have a big vacation coming up and don’t want to miss out on drinking wine by the pool.  Or a martini or 2.  I know that sounds pretty retarded, but I figured if I could taper off a bit before vacation, maybe my liver wouldn’t explode.

I know how it sounds, but I don’t care.  Just the fact that I can cut down a bit without having DT’s is a major plus.  I’m just not in the mindset to stop yet.  I want the freedom to choose IF and WHEN I want to drink.

Maybe someday I will get my head together and quit all together.  I highly doubt it, though.  It’s really my only vice – I don’t smoke (maybe 1 cigarette every couple of months), I don’t gamble, I watch what I eat (Keto diet), and I haven’t had sex in so long that I believe I have become a virgin again.  Ok, well, maybe not.  I’m definitely not pure as the driven snow by any stretch of the imagination, and the only “bad” thing that I do is drink.  Many times past the point of good sense, but whatever.

For right now, I’m being good.

In 8 more days, once I hit the Florida sand, all bets are off.

6 Replies to “No vodka in the house”

      1. No – it was a thoughtless comment – I meant that it’s okay to drink now and then if you want to as long as it doesn’t affect others. Stupidly I didn’t read your post with a drinking problem in mind. You’re doing great. So so sorry for the silly comment.

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  1. Go at your own pace and follow your instincts, you know if you are going to far. Just like with your diet, you manage that and you did that on your own terms. Moderation is the key to eating and drinking. Exercise keeps the mind right to balance everything else.


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