OWPC – Duck


These are a few pics of my Muskovy ducks, when I lived on rural Edwardsville, IL property.  Muskovy ducks are from South America and they are perching ducks – they can sit on fences and will usually roost in trees during the night.  While all ducks have some sort of “toenails” at the ends of their webbed feet, Muskovy ducks have extra-long nails, which help them to roost.

These beauties have all died/been eaten by critters by now, but I totally enjoyed them.  The gal in the center was named Phyllis Diller — when she was aggravated, her feather would stand up on top of her head and give her a Phyllis Diller-type “hair-do.”

R1- 1A_0001

Here’s a better pic of Phyllis Diller (the duck, obviously!)

R1- 3A_0001

I had a really nice flock – there is still one alive at my Mom’s farm — his name is “Big White,” or now since he’s so darned old, “Dinosaur Duck.”

R1- 8A

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