When your child cries …

My eldest daughter, Katie, called last night.  The thing you need to know is that Katie MIGHT call me twice a year.  Maybe.

She was sobbing her heart out.  Her best friend has decided to move from the Chicago, IL suburbs to Virginia with her fiancé and children.  It’s the start of a new beginning for this gal, who was a teen mom, never finished high school, and lives with her extremely dysfunctional parents.  “I don’t know what I’m going to do without her by my side…”  It broke my heart.

It’s one thing when your young child falls down and skins their knee.  A Band Aid® and a kiss will usually do the trick.  The heartbreak that follows when your child grows up a bit, and lives a more adult-ish life, is part of this rite of passage, but, as parents, we want to shield them and protect them from pain.  Any kind of pain.  They have to feel it, though, or they will never break away from the child within.  Katie understands that this move, for her best friend, just might be the thing she needs most.  This could be the gal’s chance to start fresh with her new husband-to-be and their children.  But knowing it in your head doesn’t help the heart when it’s broken into a million pieces.

My baby.

katie nov 2011


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