Bikini Dreams

bikini1Here it is, my first bikini since I was about 16. (photo courtesy of  No, that’s not me in the photo.  Obviously.

I’ve seen some pretty awful things at the beach, the pool, the river (float trip), etc., and I just can’t get too excited about my rolls showing.  My sister even asked if I would “be more comfortable in a tankini?”  Well, yeah, maybe, but I’m all about pushing my boundaries.  Expanding my comfort zone.

I was talking to my best guy friend on the phone last night.  His top bucket list thing is visiting a nude resort.  He asked if I would be interested in going with him.  Apparently, this place is made for mature (read: old) people, so there would be no 18 year old teeny-boppers there.  Gratefully.  I’ve never been nude in front of strangers before, and it would take a bit of courage to drop that last garment, but I would do it.  How bad could it be?  Everyone will be saggy, baggy, overweight, wrinkled …. shouldn’t be much to get worked up over.

Yeah, I just might be self-conscious in my bikini the first time I hit the beach, but really, who cares?  Most people are too into themselves to care about an older, larger woman getting some sun.  Life is too short to wear a coverup.

Rock that bikini, bitches!!  It’s time to give no fucks.




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