Buff – The Daily Post Prompt

(photo courtesy of http://www.swimsuitsforall.com/Swim-Sexy-The-Madame-Aubergine-Underwire-Bikini1#rrec=true) bikini

OK, I do not have a buff body.  That fact has already been established in earlier posts.  If I looked as great as the gal on the right, I’d rock that bikini every day.  The fact that I DON’T look that great is not gonna stop me from buying and rockin’ a bikini in about 3 weeks in Bonita Springs, FL.  My sister and I are of the “give no fucks” attitude.  We just can’t care what people are gonna think of our fat rolls hanging out.  Believe me, I’ve seen all kinds of bodies rockin’ all kinds of suits at beaches, lakes, and rivers, and my fat rolls are just as rollie as anyone else’s.  But I’m gonna let my rolls get tan.



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