What you see …

is what you get here at FieldnotesfromovertheHill.com.  And on my Facebook and Instagram sites.  I just read a great post from Waking Up on the Wrong Side of 50 about Fakebooking.  So spot on!

I just can’t abide by the “everything is sunshine, I fart rainbows, my life is a fantasy vacation” bullshit.  Life can be ugly.  Why hide it?  Maybe by giving the ugliness of your life a voice, the ugliness can be diminished.  Shed some light on that shit.  What, you were depressed last night and drank a pint of whiskey?  Shine some light on that shit.  Let people know that you were in the dumper – maybe next time you won’t drink that pint.  Maybe you’ll go outside and take a walk instead.  Maybe you’ll call a girlfriend and have a chat or, better yet, invite her over for a girl’s night.

Am I some skinny supermodel?  Fuck no.  Here are a few of my “glorious” selfies of late:

RARELY do I ever look decent in a photo.  But it doesn’t stop me from posting them.  I’m almost 55, weigh about 200 lbs, have grey hair, which I dye, rarely wear makeup, and have fat on my gut.  I have a flat ass.  My teeth aren’t white. Whatev’s.  It’s who I am.  I can’t fakebook – it’s not who I am.

I’m a middle-aged fat(ish) woman.  Twice divorced.  I live with 2 cats.  I’ve had one actual date in 11 years.  But I don’t hide who I am with photos and posts of a life I don’t really live.  I throw it all out there.  Alcoholism.  Depression.  Zero social life.  No significant other.  But I’m trying to be a better me.  I run 5k’s.  I’ve lost over 30 lbs.  I’m stellar in my job.

Fakebooking?  Nuh-uh.  Not for me.


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