The Daily Post Prompt

I’ve been told many times in my grown-up work life that I look scary.  I’m not kidding.  People have said that I look pissed off when I’m at work.


I can’t just walk around with a weird clown smile all day long, for God’s sake!  I take my work very seriously, and I need concentration to do my job to the best of my ability.  I’m probably smiling on the inside, and I don’t consciously put on the “she eats nails for breakfast” face on purpose.  I frown.  I’m thinking.  Working is not playtime.  I do a job and get paid for it.

That said, I do have what is traditionally called a resting bitch face.  Whatever.  But I come by it honestly.  Here’s a photo of my great-great grandmother, Eva Preston Lash:

eva lash

See her mouth?  I have the same mouth.  Down-turny.  Frowny eyebrows.  Looks like she means business.

I’ve never seen a photo of her with a smile.  EVER.

Bet people were scared of her, too.

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