Car repair sucks

2011_mazda_mx-5-miata_convertible_grand-touring_fq_oem_2_500Zombie Flamingo’s blog(representative photo – not my personal car, although I DO drive a Miata convertible — burgundy)

No matter what needs to be done on a car, it seems as though you can’t get out of the repair shop for less than $500.  I hadn’t had an oil change for 2 years or so, but since I only drive 3 miles one way to work, I wasn’t all freaked out about it.  What DID make me nuts was a constant squeaking/scraping sound that never seemed to get better.  Dad thought it might be bearings or the U-joint, but, thankfully (?) it was the front brakes that needed replacing.  They also ordered a new tire, as I have a bubble-thing on the side of one of my tires from smacking into a curb.  My tires are still under warranty, so it should only be about $60, but that is in addition to the $430 I spent on the other crap.  My poor credit cards never seem to get a rest.  My next repair will be a doozie, as I need a new convertible top.  I bet that sets me back fuckin’ 2-grand.  If I could fix the top without it looking like Beverly Hillbillies, I’d do it, but I have a feeling that anything other than a new top will look like I put duct tape over the rips.  I don’t currently have a garage, which hurts, and I’m not that hip on car upkeep, so I wouldn’t have any idea of the kind of product(s) I’d need to keep the top more supple and less likely to rip.  I don’t know, Armor-All?  It’s a bit late now, but if I get a bit of a clue, the next convertible top should be someone else’s problem.

I’m gonna take a page outta Zombie Flamingo’s blog …. “A response in avoidance of the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt

Couldn’t help it, Zombie Flamingo, I love that!

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