Hospitality ~~ The Daily Post prompt

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I learned manners and hospitality from my mother, Chari, and my grandmother, Clara.  You never came to the house without having a drink, whether it be water, coffee, or a gin and tonic.  You also rarely visited without eating.  My grandmother baked all the time, so we always had homemade bread, cake, pies, and cookies.  If friends or relatives came by, and didn’t eat something, then, by gosh, they were taking home some cookies!  Momma is the same way.  It’s almost insulting to her when you don’t eat or have something to drink at her home.

My siblings and I do the same.  If you come to my condo, I’ll ask if you want a drink, a snack, etc.  I even buy special things for people I know, such as blue cheese stuffed olives for my girlfriend Dawn when we get together for a martini night.  If I know you like something, I’ll most likely have it at home, or stop and pick it up.  It’s just another way to make visitors feel special.  It shows you care enough to remember that they like a particular brand of beer or wine.

Being a good hostess doesn’t always mean knocking yourself out to clean everything for company.  Not everything has to be dusted or scrubbed to make someone feel welcome in your home.  That doesn’t mean I’ll invite you over knowing my house looks like a tornado went through, but if a last minute stop at my place happens, I’m not gonna freak out because my coffee table has magazines on it.  People come to see you, not your dust bunnies.



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