Maze …. The Daily Post prompt

Maze ….

I don’t really like mazes.  Like those corn mazes that pumpkin farms have for “fun.”  I dunno, I guess I just connect mazes to really scary slasher movies, like Children of the Corn or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  I don’t think they’re fun at all.

And yes, life itself can be thought of as a maze, of sorts.  As other bloggers have mentioned, there are dead ends, unexpected turns, and most everyone has difficulty navigating their way.  But to live, really live, not just exist, you must take those difficult and crooked paths.

crooked path

Climb that crooked staircase, and follow where it leads.

arizona path

Take the winding path where you can’t see what’s ahead.

mountain road

Drive that scary mountain road, knowing that anything could be around that next bend.

Living without risk cannot give the rewards you seek.  Following that straight line, that flat path, is safe, yes, but oh so boring.  Being a little scared about what’s next is so much more exciting than seeing the rest of your life laid out in front of you, no twists, no crooked paths, no risks.

Yeah, I don’t like mazes, but I refuse to walk the flat path.

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