Happy Mother’s Day to me!

my girls

I believed I would never be a Mom, simply because, let’s face it, I’m not very Mom-ish.  In high school, I wanted to be a marine biologist, never get married, and never have kids.  Period.  That was my plan.  Well, that’s not what happened, obviously.

My eldest daughter, Katie, never spoke to others, beyond a circle of 5 family members, due to Selective (or Elective) Mutism, a childhood anxiety disorder.  She finally started speaking in school, at the end of Third Grade, after I badgered her psychologist and psychiatrist to bump up her anti-depressant medication.  Advocating for her was one long-ass battle with doctors, psychiatric personnel, and her own father.  Wanna make the Mamma Bear come out?  Get in my way of getting help for my child.

Katie is smart, beautiful, and a tough gal to be around sometimes.  We get along like oil & water.  She started telling me that she hated me at age 8.  She went to live with her Dad at age 11.  Apparently, even as the Mom, her life is none of my business.  This is my Katie:

Stephanie, my baby, was a much easier kid to handle.  She’s also smart, beautiful, and funny.  She will call or text.  She sends cards and presents.  A polar opposite of her elder sister.  Here’s my Steffie:

Lord I love these two!  My life would be nothing without them.

And yes, even though Kate gives me fits, I know how much she loves me.

I am so very proud to be the Momma of these two wonderful ladies.  They are sincerely good people, kind, loving, hard workers, and my pride and joy.

Life truly is good.

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