Pink – The Daily Post Prompt

I’m not a girly-girl, really.  I never liked the color pink, like most little girls, and rarely ever dressed my girls in pink.

Now, as a middle-aged woman, I rock pink.  Totally.


My favorite nail polish??  You guessed it, bright (almost neon) pink.

What the heck?  Did I lose my mind?  Have I turned to the “dark side” or just gave in to the many compliments I’ve received whenever I wear anything pink?

And I’m not talking about a wussy-ass pale pink … I want bright, loud, noticeable PINK.

Like the race shirts from the Rock N Roll Nashville 5K and the Edwardsville Route 66 10K … or my funky pink, grey, and white ST Louis Cardinals socks I run in … or my (light) pink top, pink, white, and orange scarf, and pink flippy-flops from my Tucson trip several years ago.  OK, the light pink top is a wussy-ass pink, but the accessories aren’t!

I feel sassy when I wear pink.   And why not?  I rock it.


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