I got new hair …

hair 3

Well, in reality, I broke down and actually got a cut and color at a salon.  I’m usually too frugal (read CHEAP) to spend the money on anything like a good cut, but I really needed to do it for myself.  I look nothing like my LinkedIn profile photo and, if I ever want to find a job in my desired beach areas, I need to revamp my look.  Not to become someone other than who I am, but to look more updated, fresh, and fun.  Luckily, a gal I work with has a great stylist, Shelley Miller at Tru Design in Glen Carbon, IL is fabulous!  She truly listens to what you want, or don’t want, asks questions about what types of equipment you have, how much time you want to spend on your hair, etc.  Most of the time, you go to a salon and you end up with a version of the newest “thing.”  I told her I wanted Marilyn Monroe hair, but didn’t want to spend tons of time farting around with it.  I’m just not that girly, but wanna look like I am!  So, here’s the result:

And, a couple more where she flipped the ends up for a more cheeky look:

Love it!!

The color is gorgeous, and the style is fairly simple for me to (try and) handle.  It’s beachy, fun, and, yet, professional.  Oh, and I had my brows done, too …. no more Brooke Shields.

The boost in confidence is huge for me, even though most people at work would say I’m already uber confident.  Women need this type of lift on occasion to make themselves feel good, especially when you’re on the back side of the hill (50+).  Losing some weight, getting a good haircut, finding clothes that flatter you …. it can make a ginormous difference in how you carry and project yourself out in the world.

I’m on my way.

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