Lily Belle

I adopted a buddy for my FIV+ cat Georgie Clooney, in March, after the very untimely and heart-wrenching death of my kitten Olivia.  Miss Lily Belle is also FIV+, which made her difficult to adopt out.  She was kept at a “rescue” (I’m using that term very loosely), where she had spent 6 months in a cage.  If a legitimate rescue hadn’t come forward to take her, she would’ve spent her entire life in that cage, devoid of human and animal interaction, besides feedings and litter changes.

I wasn’t really sure this adoption would work out, especially when Lily Belle bit me in the face on her first visit!  She was just stressed from all the petting, after being in solitary confinement for so long, so I decided that she would have a true chance with me and George and kept her.  George had really bonded with Olivia for the short 2 months she was with us, and he really wasn’t thrilled to have another adult cat in his house.  They have made friends, finally, and they play, but the relationship is definitely different.

She is very funny about people petting her, even 2 months after being adopted.  She wants pets, but tends to duck her head, as if to keep from being hit.  I think time and love will fix that.  She also has a “purr-meow” …. she’ll give a short purr, then a tiny meow.  Kinda funky, but cute.  Her favorite toy?  The pom-poms off my chenille blanket in the spare bedroom.

Yep, she’s a keeper.

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