In the spirit of joining, I’ve decided to follow The Daily Post’s photo challenge.  The topic of this week’s challenge is Danger!  Most of my “Danger” situations in recent years revolve around my severe fear of heights.

Mount Evans, 14,130 ft — and driving with no guardrails!  HOLY CRAP!


On Trail Ridge Road, coming back from Estes Park, CO … only 12,000+ feet up.



And, finally, Pike’s Peak, 14,110 ft up … a couple of guard rails, but scary as all get-out.  While I was up there, it started to sleet.  I got my large ass DOWN off of that mountain.

Even though I’m scared to death of heights, I force myself to take these drives/hikes to show myself that I can do it.

The only other thing I’m THAT afraid of is snakes.  That said, here’s probably the scariest sign I’ve ever seen….

Gwen arizona 22


5 Replies to “Danger!”

  1. It was scary. I felt a little disoriented once I got to the top. We drove the highway from Durango to Ouray and that was a wild ride. Some really crazy roads out there.

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    1. I was just short of a full-blown panic attack (I take 2 separate antidepressants to combat them), but I pushed thru because I wanted to see the top. It was a WORSE ride up than Pike’s Peak —- way less guardrails.


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