Sisters Roadtrip to Nashville

gwen christine roadtrip nashville ROADTRIP!!

We sisters luv us some roadtrippin’ ….. new cities, sites, food, beverages, and sister time.  We love nothing more than planning, packing, and taking off for new places together.  We are both accomplished solo travelers and rarely enjoy taking trips with others — I guess we don’t play well with others!  HAHA!  So, top down, snacks and road coffee … LET’S HIT IT.

You’ve seen those bumper stickers that say “I brake for garage sales” …. well, WE brake for wineries!  Can’t help it, it’s our jam.  We made it to Clarksville, TN before we had to turn off for Beachaven Winery.  The turnoff pointed us towards what looked to be an industrial park … we’re thinkin’ “what the hell?” …. but, after passing Old Glory Distillery, we came upon a small winery. gwen christine beachhaven winery

beachaven winery4beachaven winery6beachaven winery5beachaven winerybeachaven winery2

Beachaven Winery is super-cute and the wines were some of the best we’ve had.  EVER. Hands down.  The tasting was free and we could sample up to 7 different varieties.  Since we were driving, we didn’t try that many, but we sure wanted to!  They also advertise Jazz at the Winery nights, which we would be interested in doing if we lived closer to Clarksville.

Since Beachaven did not serve food, we opted to stop in downtown Clarksville for a bite.  A couple of local ladies had recommended Black Horse Brewery, so we took their advice and stopped in for lunch.  Another fabulous decision!  We both ordered burgers (fantastic!) and we shared a flight of their beers.  My sister, traditionally, is NOT a beer lover, however, she really liked three of the four we tried.

Sister nixed the Barnstormer Red Ale, but was genuinely surprised at how much she enjoyed the Coalminer’s Stout.  She never tried a Stout, believing that “dark” meant “bitter” … not with this beer.  The Vanilla Crème Ale (mismarked on the flight photo above) was very good — BIG vanilla smell and a crisp, light taste.  The Peach Ale was a touch sweet for me, personally, but again, highly drinkable.

Saturday was an early day …. the Rock N Roll Marathon Series 5K started at 6:15 am, which meant a 5am wake up and no breakfast.  It is just mind-boggling how many people will start a large city race — it takes several minutes from the starting gun until we (corral 5) actually cross the start line!  It is a literal river of humanity, running a race to benefit St. Jude’s.  There was a heat advisory in effect, as the temperature was to, eventually, climb to mid-90’s and mega-humid.  I’ve been in races during the summer, but not in this kind of heat/humidity so early in the year.  It was absolutely miserable.  That said, my sissy and I did our best to run/walk the course, coming in at just over the 48 minute mark (we were within 8 seconds of each other — I sprinted the end!).  Spent.  Hot.  Tired.  UGH.gwen christine Nashville rnr

But, like our shirts say, “BADASS IS IN MY DNA”!!  COLEMAN SISTERS RULE!


2 Replies to “Sisters Roadtrip to Nashville”

  1. So true, so true…great blog Gwenny! Hmmm, I’ve checked out the Rock ‘n Roll Vegas race and…what do you say, babe – you up for another 5K?
    Much love now and forever – Sister


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