Prelude to Nashville …

Big doin’s this weekend – road trip to Nashville with my little sister to meet up with my afore-mentioned gal-pal “L”, and a work friend of hers, for a weekend of DRANKS, music, dancing, food, antebellum mansion tours, wine tasting, shopping …. Oh, yeah, and a BIIIIG race.  This weekend is the Rock N Roll Marathon in Nashville, which means a majorly crowded city of nutty racers and their entourages.  “L”’s daughter “L” (hereinafter called “Little L”) is doing the ½ marathon on Sunday morning and I actually roped my sister into doing the 5K on Saturday morning.  Due to anticipated HOT and HUMID conditions, the race time has been bumped up to 6:16 am.  Yes, you saw that right.

We leave Friday morning, hopefully by 8am, and should get there around lunch time. Of course, wanderlusters like my sister and I are always down for stopping at cool sites on the way.  After lunch, we will probably head over to wherever the RNR Expo is for packet pickup.  I’m hoping to hook up with the others in our tribe either at the Expo or somewhere close, but “L”’s drive is from Chicago.  We will try and keep in touch via cellphone and figure out where to meet enroute.  My sister has not done one of these really BIG races, so I’m sure it will be an eye-opening experience.  Seeing literally hundreds or thousands of runners/joggers/walkers doing a race is really unforgettable.

Yes, we are traveling down for the RNR race, but the main reason for this particular girl’s weekend is to celebrate the end of “L”’s breast cancer treatments. YAAAY!  We are gonna be showin’ her the love!Image result for breast cancer

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