I run …

Saturday, April 22, 2017, Earth Day, was cold, rainy, windy, miserable …. and the day of The Color Run.  This was my 4th time participating, the 3rd time with my co-worker Gail.  Also participating was Gail’s husband Don and 4 of their grandchildren.  Gail and I had decided, days before, that we would be walking, not running, since the children were along.  Little did we know that all 4 kids would decide to run!

I’ve never liked running, even as a kid, but as I got older and the boobs got bigger, it just became too painful to do.  I started doing 5k’s back in 2015 as part of the Fit Fatties group (http://fitfatties.ning.com/)- fat gals/guys who also made it part of a healthy lifestyle to move more.  Now, 2 years later, I can actually RUN the entire 3.1 miles without needing an ambulance at the end.  The Color Run, being popular, crowded, and not chip-timed, is just for fun.  I truly enjoy getting bombed by talc-colors, as my “unicorn hair” photo shows.  The kids absolutely love it and, really, so do us “old folks.”  Although the weather was not very nice, The Color Run was a great excuse to get out and do something healthy for Earth Day.

That hot shower really felt great.

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