… it begins anew

Several years ago, I started a blog with the same name and a VERY cool background theme.  Seems that WordPress no longer has my blog OR the theme I loved, so I’m starting over from scratch.  THAT sucks.

Field Notes From Over The Hill started after I turned 50 in August of 2012.  I thought I just MIGHT have a few insights on becoming middle-aged that others might find interesting, thought provoking and fun.  I’m not a writer by trade, although several people have told me that some of my funny stories from life in rural Illinois would make interesting reading.  I also don’t dwell in the land of the negative, the world of politics, and I certainly am not here to try and cram my beliefs down anyone’s throats.  Rather, I’m just a regular gal born in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago from good old-fashioned farm stock.  My mother’s folks were born in Illinois, but their parents came from Germany — Grandma’s people from the northern part of Germany, not all that far from the Baltic Sea, and Grandpa’s people came from the “suburbs” of Munich in the southern end of Germany.  My father’s folks were, mainly, English, with our main immigrant ancestor, Robert Coleman, coming to America in 1637.  You can trace your way up the line, in a convoluted manner, to amazing historical figures such as William the Conqueror.  My younger brother just about pooped his pants, as my youngest daughter would say, when he found that out!  I mean, who woulda guessed??!

So, who am I?  Well, I’m 54, living west of St. Louis, MO with my tuxedo cats, Georgie Clooney and Lily Belle.  I have two daughters in their 20’s, Katie and Stephanie, who live in the northwest Chicago suburbs with their dad.  I’ve been divorced twice and survived an even more devastating live-in relationship.  After failing college the first time around, right after high school, I went back at age 41 and got a B.S. in Paralegal Studies from Kaplan University’s online paralegal program at age 45.  Summa cum laude, by the way.  Seems as though old brains really CAN learn new stuff.  I now work for one of St. Louis’ largest law firms as a legal secretary to three patent attorneys (2 are partners).  I’m a genealogy buff, cemetery stalker (I’m a volunteer photographer for http://www.findagrave.com), animal lover, music lover, book hoarder, and lover of nature.  I’m a solo traveler – road tripping in my 2011 burgundy Mazda Miata with the top down, visor and sunglasses on, tunes BLARING, heading to my next adventure, pushing myself to do more — see more — LIVE MORE.

I suppose the biggest changes in myself have come with aging.  Not the physical stuff, like wrinkles, saggy boobs, and Billy Goat Gruff hairs on my chinny-chin-chin, but the stuff inside.  You know — not really giving a shit about what folks think of you, being the best person you can be, even if you’re not “cool” or part of the “in crowd,” and carving out a life for the time I have left.  The back side of “the hill.”  YOUR LIFE.  Doing things YOU want to do.  Living for YOU.

Living for YOU does NOT mean that you no longer care and nurture others, such as your aging parents, your kids, who are just starting to figure out who and what they want to be, or your girlfriends you’ve treasured for decades, who now find themselves fighting health issues.  Living for YOU has to mean caring and nurturing YOURSELF FIRST before you can do so for others.

So, this little blog adventure will touch on a lot of different things – Ketogenic eating, which is helping me shed some nasty fat; travel for us “mature” women, whether it is solo or otherwise; talking out issues that affect women (and men) of our generation; and giving a voice to a simple gal from Northern Illinois who is just trying to live a better life.  Enjoy.


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